CHS Re-certification Requirements

Fee: $100
Certification Duration: 5 years
CME Requirement: 12 CME credits during prior two years.

Applicants must complete the ABWH re-certification form and submit required documentation online a minimum of 5 business days before their certification expiration date.

The re-certification application must contain receipt of re-certification payment, proof of CME, and letter of good standing and active status on workplace letterhead.

CME Requirements:
A minimum of 12 CME credits are required to re-certify. These credits must be directly related to the practice of hyperbaric medicine.

Failure to re-certify:
Applicants who fail to re-certify while holding an active ABWH designation will incur a $50.00 penalty fee, which will be added to their re-certification fee. ABWH will allow a 6 month grace period for applicants who fail to recertify within their 5 year certification duration. If the applicant does not re-certify within the 6 month grace period, they will lose the designation and will need to start the application process over. These applicants will need to re-take the ABWH examination.”